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Edgetech Launches Heritage - 06/12/2010

Edgetech, the best performing and most cost effective Warm Edge Technology in the UK, has launched a new Warm Edge spacer to add to its range. Super Spacer Heritage still has the high performance Edgetech's Super Spacer customers expect, but its ultra slim sightlines makes it ideal for the restoration and renovation sectors. Director of Sales and Marketing at Edgetech, Alan Fielder explains: "Customers working with timber windows, vertical sliders in particular, told us they needed lower sightlines to maintain the aesthetic benefits of Super Spacer in their products, so we set about developing a solution for this sector. Months of research and development have led us to the launch of the Super Spacer Heritage product.

"Super Spacer Heritage is a pre-desiccated silicone foam spacer featuring Edgetech's unique dual seal system. A special acrylic adhesive on the spacer edge and a multi-layer vapour barrier backing combine with a hot melt butyl secondary sealant to provide outstanding durability and gas retention. The structural foam is impregnated with a 3A desiccant to a minimum of 48% of its weight. As with our standard Super Spacer product, Super Spacer Heritage is neutral in appearance and blends with any frame finish for outstanding aesthetics. With just 3mm depth for ultra slim sightlines Heritage is available with unit cavity options of 4mm, 6mm and 8mm to accommodate a range of traditional rebates.

"Super Spacer Heritage is applied using Edgetech's unique Heritage Shuttle which provides ruler straight edges and sharp 90 corners while enabling fast application with excellent productivity. We launched Heritage at Glassex and have already had a lot of interest in it from companies working on more traditional properties."

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