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  • Homeowner
    • Super Spacer will improve the energy efficiency of your windows while also saving you money on your fuel bills.


  • Trade Professional
    • Super Spacer increases productivity, reduces your costs and also ensures your customers achieve higher energy ratings.


  • Window Installer
    • Get energy saving built in with Super Spacer, to make selling to the homeowner even easier with energy efficient windows.

      Window Installers

  • Specifier
    • Super Spacer supersedes your requirements by reducing condensation and improving energy efficiency.


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18/03/2014 16:45:00

Edgetech reminds MP the VAT campaign is on HansardEdgetech UK, a Quanex Building Products Company, is still working behind the scenes in the campaign to reduce VAT on housing renovation and repair work from 20 per cent to 5 per cent.
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